This topic came up when someone in The Blueprint Training asked how to charge a yoga studio for SEO services, knowing they have a small budget ($300 – 500/month).

To answer that, I will be talking about how to offer low cost SEO services.

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Setting up your pricing…

Let’s first talk about how to format your pricing package. When creating a pricing package, create a spreadsheet with all of the deliverables you offer.

pricing breakdown

In that spreadsheet, also include:

  • Who is needed to deliver those services
  • How much those services will cost you (the business)
  • How much you will charge for those services

For example, if we restarted our agency we would only be offering the services that we think are going to drive an impact and turnaround traffic as fast as possible because we want to get them results asap.

That would mean focusing on deliverables and tasks like:

  • Content audits and existing page cleanups
  • New content and page creation
  • Link building and outreach

But when it comes to lower pricing packages, you would reverse engineer this process:

  1. Start with a $300 – 500 package
  2. Map out the services that you can do for that price and still be profitable

With this laid out in front of you, you can then see if you can delegate some of the work or offer additional services.

But since you are offering a lower ticket service, I suggest that you exclude any technical SEO.

Normally these types of clients don’t have a lot of pages so you would want to focus more on local SEO (getting them to rank in the maps pack).

google maps pack

Because of that I would definitely offer deliverables like:

  • Google My Business optimizations
  • Reviews outreach
  • Adding photos, etc

Ranking in the maps pack is ultimately what will make them more money. Services like technical SEO and content marketing may help to increase some traffic, but likely will not increase their top line.

When working with small budget clients you need to strip down your service to focus on things that will move the needle for the top line.

This will help keep the client happy AND your service profitable (for you).

Building a pipeline…

When you’re selling an SEO service for that cheap, it becomes a game of scale.

Meaning you need to acquire a lot of customers to make enough money for the low cost business model to make sense.

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Taking Everything Into Account

The last thing you want to do is offer too much to the point where you are overwhelmed and you become unprofitable. Just focus on the jobs that will get your clients results right off the bat.

So strip it down to the things that are only going to drive traffic. Again, those tasks might be:

  • Keyword research
  • Page development/building
  • GMB optimizations
  • Link building

Make sure that you close these clients on a 12-month contract. No month-to-month or anything in between.

Hopefully this was helpful.

For any questions, drop them in the comments down below and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.