This page details the strategy and results from a recent client campaign. If you’re interested in working with me and my team, contact me.

The Client

  • HyreCar is an online exchange for short term car rentals, mainly for Uber and Lyft drivers.
  • They came to us looking to help build authority in search engines to keep pace with their competitors and capture the massive amount of online search traffic surrounding Uber and Lyft drivers.

The Plan

  • Initial research showed a very active, engaged online community for Uber and Lyft drivers. They spent a lot of time in forums, Facebook Groups and Quora sharing knowledge, tips and asking questions.
  • We wanted to build the HyreCar blog into a deep resource for the Ridesharing community. Through deep keyword research we aimed to identify topic hubs and consistently create high quality content that captured “top of the funnel” awareness traffic to get Ridesharing drivers into the HyreCar ecosystem.
  • Using the vibrant online community, the plan was to perform targeted outreach to relevant blogs to include links back to the recently published content.

The Execution

  • Technical SEO // After getting into the campaign, we realized the website had issues with overall architecture. We executed a URL mapping + redirect exercise to clean up the site’s structure.
  • Deep keyword research // To find the right topics to discuss on the site, we searched through online communities and scraped keyword databases to build our TAM (Total Addressable Market) model.
  • Content marketing // With the TAM in hand, we were able to model topics into engaging and interesting pieces of content. From there, we worked with industry expert writers to get the content created and published.
  • Link outreach // To promote the content and build site authority, we prospected for relevant industry websites. Our outreach team then sent personalized pitches to include a link back to recently published content on HyreCar’s site.

The Results

  • 8x growth in keyword visibility
  • 212% growth in organic traffic