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facebook custom audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences Swipe File

We’ve been running a lot of paid social traffic for The Blueprint Training with tremendous success. The Full Blueprint costs $3,000, we’ve been driving conversions at around $25 each. The screenshot above is 1 of many campaigns we have running on Facebook and Instagram. The key to the success here is we’re only running this…

LinkedIn Marketing Hacks

How to Explode Your Visibility on LinkedIn RIGHT NOW

LinkedIn is having a moment right now. The LinkedIn algorithm is giving insane reach to marketers – you can get your content to go viral very easily (it feels a lot like Facebook in 2012). In this post I’m going to discuss the exact tactics (with examples) you can follow to get your content to…

How to Market Your Agency When You’re Too Busy

It’s almost ironic. We help clients with their marketing, meanwhile our sites are collecting dust. Marketing your own agency is always overlooked, generally because you’re too just busy. In this week’s live podcast, I talk about the scalable strategies I use to create content and market my agency (and other businesses). SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST …

hick ticket sales for agencies

How to Land Bigger Clients for Your Agency

It’s really, really hard to scale an agency with low retainer clients. Don’t get me wrong, when you’re first getting started, take any work you can get. But as you build your practice, improve your service and get more experience, you’ll realize you need to get paid more to deliver a higher quality service. You…

How to Pick a Niche for a New Ecommerce Businesses

My girlfriend and I recently got a dachshund puppy.     As new dog parents, we’re constantly looking to get him new stuff. We ended up finding this website that only sells products for sausage dogs.     This got me thinking about how this was the perfect niche for a new ecommerce business. It…

restaurant marketing

6 Restaurant Marketing Strategies to Use RIGHT NOW

In this article, I’m going to show you how to market your restaurant, coffee shop, or local food service business. In order to run a successful restaurant business, it comes down to six things: Location Product Social Media Search Press Advertising Let’s get into it.     1. Optimizing your physical location This is more…

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