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Starting A New Agency? PLEASE DO THIS FIRST!

I get asked a lot of questions online. The most common? “What would be the first thing you’d do when starting a new agency?” Well, I just started a new one so this topic is fresh on my mind. Let’s jump in. Prefer to listen to the audio version? Subscribe to the podcast below. Spotify…

How KlientBoost Grew to $10m ARR in 4 Years

$800k in MRR?!? Johnathan Dane Opens Up on Agency Growth

How do you grow an agency to multiple 7 figures in just a few years? That question will be answered with this interview that I conducted with Jonathan Dane. You definitely want to read this one. Jonathan Dane is the CEO of KlientBoost, an agency based in San Diego that is about to close $10m…

facebook custom audiences

Complete List of Facebook Custom Audiences [Swipe File]

I’ve been wanting to share this one for awhile now… Simply because it is the secret behind the success of all the advertisements that we’ve been running for The Blueprint Training for the last few months. The secret? Facebook custom audiences. And in this article, I’m going to give you: The complete list of custom audiences…

how to offer low cost seo services

How to Offer Low Cost SEO Services ($300/month)

This topic came up when someone in The Blueprint Training asked how to charge a yoga studio for SEO services, knowing they have a small budget ($300 – 500/month). To answer that, I will be talking about how to offer low cost SEO services. Prefer to listen to the audio version? Subscribe to the podcast…

link building pricing strategies

3 Ways to Charge For Link Building Services

Link building remains a critical SEO ranking factor for search engines. As an agency or consultant, it’s difficult to price out link building services. This article will cover my 3 recommended ways to charge for link building services. Selling per link Retainer fees Outsourcing Let’s dive into each of them. Prefer to listen to the…

TWIM Header - 9.20

THIS WEEK IN MARKETING – September 2, 2019

All analysis and insights are included in the video below. Prefer to listen to the audio version? Subscribe to the podcast below. Spotify Apple Google Stitcher Study shows marketers that send less emails get more engagement A study from GetResponse found that email marketers who send one newsletter per week see the results in regards…

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