Digital agencies are popping up on every corner – it’s gotten increasingly difficult to generate qualified agency leads.

I’m going to share with you my lead generation tactics that help me generate over 40 qualified agency leads every month.




1. Create case studies and social proof

It’s a lot easier to generate leads when you have a platform to stand on. The most powerful sales pitch is case studies and social proof.

All you need to do is document the process behind your services for the clients you’ve gotten the best results for. I like to format case studies the same:

  • Client
  • Plan
  • Execution
  • Results

I also like to put them into a nice Google Slides deck that I send along with every proposal. This also allows me to push them across:

Below are a few WEBRIS case study examples.





2. Build a reputation in the industry

Aside from documented case studies, nothing sells harder than referrals from peers. I’ve spent a lot of energy building positive reviews on Facebook and Google My Business, both of which I include as a slide in our proposals as well.

There’s a number of ways you can generate reviews / testimonials:

  • Email your clients with NPS survey. We like to use Mailchimp for this. Those who score high, ask for a review
  • Check your social media for positive comments for potential testimonials
  • Look at client feedback in emails, use positive messages to reach out and ask if these can be used

Combining this with your social proof is a great way to stand out to your target audience and shows that you get them.




3. Create content that matters

Content has been my top source of traffic and leads over the last few years. Content is a great way to connect with your audience by showing your expertise. It’s also a tremendous way to generate organic traffic, links and shares on social media.

Go to Google and type in “Lawyer SEO” – you’ll see a beastly guide from our agency that ranks on top. This post generates 3 to 5 qualified attorney SEO leads every month, in perpetuity.





However, content marketing is NOT everyone, for a number of reasons:

  • Content marketing is a skill set (just like Facebook Ads) that times time and practice to master
  • Content is saturated in the digital space, meaning you can spend a lot of time creating something that will not get eyeballs

On top of that, it’s not enough to just create regular blog posts – your stuff has to be really, really good or no one will care. If you don’t have the time and expertise to dedicate to creating content, let’s move on to some other tactics.

Podcasts have also become an incredible way to spread reach and network with industry experts.



4. Speak at niche conferences

I try and do a few speaking engagements a year. While they’re a ton of work, I always walk away with clients. They give me a platform to showcase the work I’ve done and sell directly to an audience.

I try and stay away from the traditional SEO conferences. While they’re good for networking, they’re not great for landing clients. Instead, I focus on “niche” conferences that aren’t overflowing with my competition – it’s much easier to stand out in that environment.

I just give my VA a list of relevant keywords related to the conferences I want to target. I’ve had great success targeting spaces like:

  • eCommerce
  • Legal
  • B2B
  • SaaS

She simply populates a Sheets file with all the information for me to review.




I then assign each opportunity a pitch template and have her submit on my behalf.




Speaking isn’t for everyone though – if you aren’t comfortable getting on stage, don’t pursue this option.

You can still attend these conferences and network. Not only can you land clients, but it’s important to connect and befriend people in the industry. I’ve gotten countless referrals from other marketers who I’ve become close with over the years.



5. Start a Meetup

Meetups are a great way to build a local network of prospects. We’ve leveraged free Meetups both at WEBRIS and From The Future. I love using because it provides an organic growth engine – users visit the site regularly looking for new events to attend.



View our Technical SEO Meetups


Here are my keys to a successful Meetup:

  • Create something that will provide value to your target audience – we host “Technical SEO” Meetups that deep dive into technical SEO issues a lot of our client’s face. It’s an win / win situation to provide value but also display our expertise on the subject
  • Provide food and drinks. It’s EASY to reach out to relevant businesses to sponsor food
  • Promote your Meetups heavily to get an audience (I suggest Facebook Ads). Over time, if you provide enough value, they will grow on their own
  • Commit to doing them regularly (i..e monthly). If yo udon’t, your Meetup will fizzle out quickly
  • Record your meet up and post an event summary on your blog. This allows you to leverage your live content and give it a wider audience. SEO Sherpa does a good job of this with their marketing meet up




Hosting a Meetup works well, but it’s also a lot of work. Creating content for each event is a drag on your time – if you can, invite guest speakers to come and present to lighten the load.



6. Join a local networking group

There are plenty of offline networking groups you can join to push leads. These can be a great place to talk to potential clients or people that already serve them but for different offerings.

I recommend:

  • Chamber of Commerce. There’s a dozen or so Chamber events each month, generally full of larger businesses. It’s a shark tank for sales (EVERYONE is there to sell shit) but if you’re a sharp networker, you can do damage.
  • BNI. Much better for smaller agencies, the goal of BNI is to pass leads to other businesses within your network.BNI meets once a week and if you don’t show up they revoke your membership. If you just show up, you’ll get clients.
  • MeetUps. The crowd is much worse than BNI or Chamber, but the events are mostly free and a good way to meet local people.

Try and get yourself to as many local networking events. Most should allow you to visit initially for free so do make sure you take advantage of their free test drive.


BNI networking



7. Paid traffic and funnels

I LOVE social ads – I make a lot of income selling various products there.

You can’t just toss up some ads and expect to generate leads…The key to a successful lead generation campaign are setting up funnels.

I’m not going to get into the details here, but I’ve got step by step guide on how to setup funnels below…


Facebook Funnels



8. Ask for referrals from happy clients

Referrals gave the highest close rate of any lead type – your happy clients are a great way to drum up referrals.

Business owners know a lot of other business owners and if you do a good job, they’ll be happy to refer you to their friends.

  • Write an email to clients who you’ve gotten great results for
  • Ask them for referrals in exchange for something (discount, free consult, etc)

See below for the template I’ve used with great success.


agency referrals



9. White label niche services to other agencies

Aa easy win is to offer your services out to other agencies on a white label basis. This works particularly well if you niche down your offerings to a service you know other agencies have pain points with. For example:

  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • Social media management

The process is pretty simple:

  • Build a list of agencies with their contact email
  • Send them a pitch introducing yourself and your service
  • Add a link to a sample deliverable or case study as reference

This works best when you’re just getting started and need to drum up revenue any way possible.



10. Cold outreach with video audits

I get pitched 3 to 6 times per week from people I’ve never met before – 99% of these end up in my trash can.

The 1% of emails that make it through are the ones who took the time to do some research and solve my problems.

At our agency, we have a process for doing cold outreach that works well:

  1. Build a list of relevant prospects via LinkedIn (i.e. qualified companies)
  2. Review their website to find “top 10” issues (i.e. not using GTM, not responsive, etc)
  3. Pack these into a slide deck and record a video overview

We then send them a email with the video attached and make sure the video solves their problem.



11. Build tools that solve problems

Building and distributing tools has been one of the ways I grew grown WEBRIS fast. I left this for last because it’s the most complicated and requires the most resources.

I partnered up with an expert in Google Sheets automations – together, we were about to build a small suite of marketing automation tools that we use as lead generation tactics.


webris tools




As you can see there are lots of things that you can do to grow your lead funnel. Do make sure you take the time to put some of this stuff in place, consistently. You don’t have to do all of it, but if like me, you have aggressive goals you will want to put in place as many of these things as possible.

As a final point make sure you nurture all of your relationships, from each method above you will build up a very good network of people, so do make sure you keep in touch with them regularly. This work can proven golden for years to come.