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This Week in Marketing: June 14th to June 24th, 2016

This week’s episode covers Instagram newsfeed changes, Google updates to Rich Cards, AMP and Search Console and Amazon Echo news.


Headline: Google’s John Mueller says keywords in the TLD are not a ranking factor

Takeaway: This is something you’ll need to test on your own. I see plenty of exact match domains (EMDs) still ranking in the SERPs.

Personally, I’m not a fan of EMDs because they inhibit your ability to grow, scale or expand. I like building a brand that allows you to be flexible with the SERPs and rank for additional keywords, not just your main ones.

Use EMDs for small, local, hyper niche relevant websites. Anything else, build on a branded domain.



Headline: Google is rolling out “green” ads globally

Takeaway: After testing and “positive feedback from advertisers”, the green ad tag will replace the yellow one. There’s no doubt advertisers love this because it helps improve CTR. Without a doubt, the green makes the ads incognito and almost tricks searchers into thinking it’s an organic listing. They claim that the color change does not make the ad less visible, but I’m calling bullshit. If you’re a PPC marketer, this is good news. If you’re an SEO, it means more competition.



Headline: Canvas ads can now run as organic posts

Takeaway: I’ve yet to run Canvas ads as they’re definitely better for larger advertisers looking to replace their TV budgets with someone more robust and interactive. With them rolling out to organic, you can test them on your page without having to spend money boosting them. Be warned, putting them together is a lot of work!



Headline: 5 years from now, your News Feed will be “probably all video”

Takeaway: Facebook’s VP says FB is seeing far fewer text posts and an explosion of video. I can tell you first hand, video is not only the future but it’s the right now. There’s a strategic reason I do these roundups as videos, I urge you to start looking at ways to fold video into your strategy as well.


Headline: Facebook is putting maps in ads and plans to measure “store visits” for advertisers

Takeaway: FB will now allow you to include maps as a part of “local awareness” ads will will start reporting estimates of how many store visits those ads drove. As with any new ad type, you have to test before a verdict can be made about whether it’s effective or not. I’m a huge fan of Facebook ads and if I had a local store that relied on foot traffic, I’d be pushing these hard right now before anyone else has the chance to.



Headline: Google Search Console adds keyword comparisons report

Takeaway: A new feature of the impressively revamped GSC allows you to compare 2 search queries head to head. No major insights from me on this one, it’s just always good to know the additional features of these amazing free tools.


Headline: YouTube launches a new tool to help craft better videos

Takeaway: “YouTube” director will have free templates for you to plan, shoot and edit your videos in a more professional manner, right from your phone. Again, I’m really hot on video right now – it;s the medium that can help you stand out from all this bull shit blogging that’s going on right now.



Headline: AI computers are writing short articles, ads and essays (and they’re doing it well)

Takeaway: I wrote a post a few weeks back about emerging tech that’s going to impact your marketing, this is going to be huge. In the not too distant future, almost all of the webs content will be written by intelligent machines.

If you’re a writer or business that relies heavily on writing (ahem, SEOs) this is going to impact your business. What I forsee happening is website copy, news type articles and any sort of listicle content being cranked out by computers better than humans can do it.

That means search engines will be adjusting the way they index and rank content and since we’ll literally be able to print infinite contnet, it will lose it’s effect in terms of marketing.

The content that will matter will be insightful, thoughtful, expert level writing and video (or VR, apps, etc). I can’t say exactly how or when, but it’s coming soon and Google will adjust their algorithm accordingly.



Headline: Survey finds 70% of Apple iPhone users prefer to install Google Maps on their phones over Apple Maps

Takeaway: Apple Maps is shit, this isn’t surprising. I included it here because it segways into 2 other big points.



Headline: Apple opens up Siri, Maps and Messages to 3rd party developers

Takeaway: It’s about damn time! Apple Maps has been so bad, for so long, I almost gave up on it. I believe this will open things up and allows companies to tap into the huge market and breathe new life into it. If it succeeds, it will have an impact on marketing, i.e. local search, because you’ll have to optimize client listings for Apple as well and Google Maps. While this move is needed for Apple to stay in the game, I think we’re going to see some cool things happening here.



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