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This Week in Marketing: July 23rd to August 7th 2016

“This week in marketing” we dive into:

  1. Instagram’s blatant rip off of Snapchat
  2. Facebook combats click bait by giving them NO visibility in the News Feed
  3. Google AMP content coming soon to mobile SERPs
  4. Google’s change on how they handle 30X redirects
  5. Reddit launches a new, improved ad type

Instagram launches 'Stories', a self admitted copy of Snapchat stories

Headline: Instagram announces “Instagram Stories” as a means to compete with Snapchat

Takeaway: Your feelings about IG ripping Snapchat verbatim is moot at this point, because Instagram put together a very, very nice product. When you couple that with the fact that Instagram has a 500+M active user base and Facebook resources for backing, they are going to affect Snapchat one way or another.

Instagram was actually brilliant to replicate Snapchat stories exactly. Why? Because if you’re using 2 networks that do the exact same thing, you’re only going to use 1 (Periscope vs. Meerkat). If you’re already using Instagram 10 times a day, it just makes more sense to use their video as well.

On top of that, Instagram users have built up a following that they can leverage for their stories. If they are getting more views on IG, they are going to use IG.

On the Snap side, I think their product will ultimately stand out. The filters, the UX and the loyalty will hold up until they figure out their next move. They are run by an incredibly intelligent and created team – they will figure it out and respond in a big way.

I can make some guess, but only time will tell how this really plays out.


Facebook’s new anti-clickbait algorithm buries bogus headlines

Headline: Facebook combats click bait by giving them NO visibility in the News Feed

Takeaway: Yas! No more “Here’s the Best Thing You Can Possibly Do For Your Boners”. Hopefully this will help to clear up garbage publishers and better the experience for FB users. This in turn pays HUGE dividends for publishers who are using more native content and doing things the right way.


Google AMP content coming soon to mobile SERPs

Headline: Accelerate Mobile Pages will soon dominate the mobile search engine results

Takeaway: Up until now, AMP pages were only showing in the news carousel. Publishers have reported:

  • AMP pages are 4x faster, use 10x less data compared to non-AMP pages
  • On average AMP pages load in less than one second
  • 90 percent of AMP publishers experience higher CTRs
  • 80 percent of AMP publishers experience higher ad viewability rates

Once this rolls out, the only clicks from mobile will be on AMP pages – trust me! I just hired a contractor to setup AMP on ALL OF MY SITES. The ones who get in on this early will see the best return.


Google rep says 301 redirects lose no Page Rank

Headline: Gary Illyes of Google Tweets message “30x redirects don’t lose PageRank anymore”.

Takeaway: This made some ripples in the SEO community, but it’s really not that big of a deal. If anything, this just reaffirms that using 301 redirects is the best way to manage older, less useful content that has link equity pointing to that page.


Reddit launches a promoted user post ad type

Headline: Reddit launches a less intrusive, more native ad type called “Promoted User Posts”

Takeaway: I put this last, but it could be huge. Reddit has a massive audience and these ads could serve as a legitimate way to promote content. Just make sure it’s well research and good – otherwise Redditors will tear you a new asshole.



  1. Mark Kreischer

    Just put the AMP on all my posts for one of my sites. There is a WP plugin that does it on auto which is great to save time. I just wish there was something for the homepage but I just started looking into this so I am sure I will find something. Thanks, Sick post my man….

    • admin admin

      i just had someone install it on our sites as well, the WP plugin def makes life easier

  2. vipin nayar

    Great Stuff Coming in every week, thanks for giving a quick overview of industry related news. For AMP Can you suggest which plugin you are using?

  3. Austin

    Loved your thoughts on the Snapchat / Insta war that’s going down. I was just talking about this with my social media strategists. Eager to see how it plays out. I’ve been looking into content promo via Reddit for a couple months now for a couple clients we have in the digital comic book industry. Would love to know if you have a recommendation on a good source of knowledge for that channel.

    • admin admin

      reddit would be a good place to start, its always good to test these ad products out early

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