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This Week in Marketing: June 25th to July 8th, 2016

“This week in marketing” we dive into:

  1. Snapchat’s explosive growth with the older demo
  2. Pinterest’s big moves into eCommerce
  3. Facebook’s big News Feed update

And more!


Headline: Snapchat is exploding with the 35 and older demographic

Takeaway: New data shows an estimated 14% of US smart phone users 35 or older are on Snapchat.


Headline: Snapchat launches “Memories” allowing you to save snaps and post past content

Takeaway: A nice little feature that allows you to save Snaps into a camera roll like feature, just another smart move by a young, incredibly intelligent and in touch company.


Headline: Pinterest launches ‘shopping bag’ allowing you to shop from any website with a single transaction

Takeaway: This…is….huge. It may not take off right away, but this type of tech will change the face of eCommerce. This basically turns all of Pinterest into one huge curator of products – cha-ching.


Headline: Pinterest launches visual search feature, making images searchable for products

Takeaway: Pinterest has been investing heavily into visual search functionality, this is the beginning of the pay off. A very cool and intuitive way to drive deeper user engagement AND purchasing, very lethal.


Headline: FB page organic reach to plummet (even more)

Takeaway: Coinciding with this launch, FB released insights into how their News Feed algorithm works, citing that people want to see posts from friends and family first, brands second.

I have 4 main feelings on this:

  1. They want to sell more ads to brands.
  2. They want to keep up with Snapchat, the highly personal family/friends oriented network.
  3. Use your personal FB more, I have a lot of engagement on mine.
  4. Our page reach has been exploding, it’s cliche, but good content gets visibility and will continue to. If people interact with your content, they’re sending signals to FB that they want to see more of it.
  5. FB is what SEO would look like with no links – it really is about creating value, consistently, and hacking the promotional process.

Visibility depends heavily on comments and shares, especially within the first few minutes of posting your content


Headline: FB Messenger now allows you to login from multiple accounts

Takeaway: There’s nothing more engaging on a mobile device than chat. Expect to see FB Messenger exploding with new features in the coming months.



Live Streaming

Headline: FB Live will soon let you pull users into your live stream

Takeaway: Similar functionality to Blab and Hangouts, except it’s Facebook, so it’s going to blow up.


Headline: FB is spending over $50M on contracts with celebs to get them to live stream

Takeaway: Just another sign at how seriously FB is taking live streaming, it’s here to stay, get used to it.


Headline: Twitter gets into live stream with broadcast of Wimbledon

Takeaway: Another giant pushing hard into the space, I expect Snapchat to answer in the near future as well.




Headline: Amazon enables product orders through Echo

Takeaway: A huge feature for Amazon vendors and a small step towards the future of eCommerce. I forsee a large number of every day items or commodities being purchased from voice activated in home devices.


Headline: FB bots are taking off, Yahoo Finance, News and Weather are available now

Takeaway: The very beginning of something I think is going to revolutionize the way business is done online, particularly on mobile.




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