My Story.

The path to where I am today was long, difficult and filled with failures.

I got my start working in consulting with Accenture, helping some very large companies fix their digital problems. Accenture is a great company filled with amazing people, but the corporate mindset wasn't for me.

In the corporate world, there's politics, processes and systems that standardize the way things get done. While I see tremendous value in processes, I believe in processes are built to be improved. 

The lack of freedom pushed me into entrepreneurship. While maintaining my role at Accenture, I began a second career from 6 pm - to 1 am attempting to build my own business.

My first attempt was in 2013. I started a service where I connected Instagram users with large followings with businesses looking for promotion. I got a little traction, but ultimately that service was too early. Instagram was still in it's infancy and very few businesses were looking to invest money in building a presence there. I gave up on the business just 6 months after starting.

I kick myself everyday for that decision.

Not so much because of the money lost, but for not believing in myself. I knew Instagram was the next social network to blow up and if I would've kept pushing, I would've been in the pipeline when it did.

I learned from my mistakes and kept pushing on other ideas.

When I was looking for ways to market my Instagram service, I immersed myself in SEO, Facebook ads and content marketing. With my background in digital analytics (working with Accenture clients), it didn't take me long to become proficient at all things internet marketing.

I began marketing myself as a digital consultant and quickly landed a handful of my own clients. This allowed me to quit my career with Accenture, right around the time I completed my Master's in Business Administration degree.

Within 6 months as a consultant, I had more clients than I could handle. A few months later, I met a fellow marketer who owned a small digital agency here in Miami. We decided to pool our clients and partner up to build a better, stronger agency. We doubled our client base, month over month, for 7 months.

Money changes everything. We ended up dissolving the partnership after a long series of disputes about the company's vision. 

I lost money, my clients and precious time. Again, I learned from my mistakes and kept pushing on other ideas.

In early 2015 I began blogging on my new agency's website, WEBRIS. I didn't just write - I exploded

The years of failing, learning and constant improvement left me with a deep understand of how to build a successful business.

It's almost ironic, isn't it? I'd failed (a number of times) and yet, I knew exactly what to do to skyrocket WEBRIS.

And it worked.


What I do is simple.

  1. Research my target audience. 
  2. Build content that they find valuable.
  3. Promote that content to them.
  4. Repeat. Again and again and again...

Even though I'm an SEO at heart, you can't build a business on 1 type of traffic. To have success online today, you have to be everywhere (social, search, communities, email, etc).

Great content is what allows you to do that - it's the only thing that allows for cross channel success.

I've taken this system and replicated it, for:

  • A number of Amazon Stores and eCommerce websites
  • An online training suite teaching advanced tactics to digital marketers
  • WEBRIS' clients, located around the world.

We live in such an amazing time. The internet gives us the ability to truly making a living doing something you love. 

If you don;t wake up everyday excited about what you get to do, please, start looking around.

Anyone with access to the internet has endless opportunities. Take advantage of it - it won't be like this forever.

Some Recent Work

One of the ways I promote my business is through guest posting. Click on the images below to check out some recent guest posts I've written for some awesome marketing blogs

 NOTE: I've only listed a few here. Others include Ahrefs, Marketing Profs,, Business2Community, and more.

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